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Why Use Constructor Hub?

Constructor Hub was created by Chartered Surveyors looking for a simple, trustworthy and professional directory from which to source reliable and capable contractors and suppliers for a variety of projects from, property management, maintenance through to new-builds. 

Constructor Hub has been designed to offer a bespoke search facility platform and give contractors and suppliers the flexibility to create and maintain their own profiles.  We don't act as a broker or middleman in any transactions between the buyer and members but encourage a direct dialogue between the two parties.  


How the search facility works?

Saving the buyer valuable time, the search facility allows the project owner to find our members based on:

  • project location, 
  • value of works,
  • market sector,
  • trade and type of contractor. 

Unlike other directories, Constructor Hub contains detailed profiles against each member allowing the Buyer to review the member’s company information and project examples and create short-lists.

Our special short-lists feasture allows you to create, edit and save for later multiple lists of selected contractors for all your clients projects. Find out more here


Avoid costly delays

Whether undertaking basic maintenance projects or developing a complex high-end scheme, project owners place a lot of trust in contractors and their supply chain to deliver their works to the right specifications, on time and on budget.  Appointing incapable or inexperienced Contractors and Suppliers can prove very costly through delays or botched works, to the point it renders the project infeasible.

It is important that the project owner shortlists and ultimately appoints a suitably-qualified and well-resourced contractor to deliver their project works safely, on time and to budget.


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