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Creating / Editing Projects

Creating / Editing Projects

Projects are an important way for your company to demonstrate its ability to deliver. Projects can act as both case studies and testimonials in order to highlight the type of work your company has undertaken.

To add a project, click on the 'Add New Project' button and follow the steps to add a project record. Once a project has been added to your profile, it can be managed within your projects list using the Action button.

You can edit or delete your projects and you can also preview the project in order to see how it will look to potential buyers. Projects only appear on the website against your company profile if you activate them.


Creating and Editing Projects Step-By-Step Guide


1.    To ‘Create / Edit a Project’ you must first register as a User (See ‘Registering as a User’) and then ‘Subscribe as Contractor’ (See ‘How to Subscribe as a Contractor’)


2.    Once subscribed you must then access your ‘Dashboard’. To access your ‘Dashboard’ from the homepage you must be logged in to your user account (See ‘How to Log In to ‘My Account’). Once you are logged in, click on ‘My Account’ which is located at the top right-hand corner of the page, next to ‘Shortlists’. Then click on ‘My Dashboard’


3.    On your ‘Dashboard’ click ‘Projects’. You will be redirected to the ‘Projects’ section of the site

To add a project, click on the 'Add New Project' button and follow the steps to add a project record. Your project details can be entered using the fields available. These are split into relevant sections e.g. main details and mandatory details. Fields with an asterisk (*) cannot be left empty. You should enter as much detail about your projects as possible as this information may be used by potential buyers to evaluate your company. You can add as many projects as you feel necessary


4.   You must click in the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the page in order for the details to be stored

Once saved, a project is automatically activated and visible on the website, provided you have created a ‘Company Profile’ (See: ‘Creating a Company Profile’)


5.   To access all your projects you can follow step 3 above, there will be a list of all successfully uploaded Projects


6.   There is an action button for each Project in the list. By clicking on this ‘Action’ Button you can:


A)   Edit the Project details 


B)   Activate / De-Activate the Project, which determines whether the Project is publically visible. Any action with this feature will produce a pop-out window confirming the action was successful, you need to click the ‘Close’ button in order to remove this message


C)   Preview the Project, which will show you how the Project will look to the public viewers on the site


D)   Delete the Project Details, this feature will produce a pop-out window asking you to confirm your action. The Project is irretrievable once deleted


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