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To become a Member:

 1.  An authorised company officer needs to create a user account by clicking below and following the onscreen instructions.  


2.  Once a user account has been created, the user can then select "Subscribe as a Contractor" on the user dash board and follow the on screen instructions to purchase a subscription (select the free 6 month subscription option - no payment details are required).

3.  After the subscription has been purchased, return to the user dashboard whereupon you will be able to access the company profile and project templates for completion (see guidance below for completing the profile).  

4.  When the profile is ready for display, check that the profile is activated.

(Also see: How to Subscribe as a Contractor)


Member Profile Guidance

Only the search-related questions are mandatory for the Contractors and Suppliers to complete, however each company is encouraged to complete as much of the profile as possible to make the company attractive to prospective Buyers.

If there is information that the company is uncomfortable providing in public domain then the Member can simply select "Not Stated" or "TBC" as appropriate to them.

The company will need to nominate an account administrator to create the account initially and then subscribe the company to the website.  The company should consider how to maintain access to the account in the event that the administrator leaves the company.

See our Help section for more detailed support (Also see: Creating a Company Profile)


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