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How to Subscribe as a Contractor

How to Subscribe as a Contractor


‘Subscribing as a Contractor’ on Constructor-Hub allows subscribers to create a publicly available company profile. Contractors and Suppliers can make their company profiles available to the thousands of professional Buyers searching for construction services for all types of real estate projects giving the Company a great opportunity to expand their Client base, demonstrate professionalism and showcase their achievements. 



1.      To ‘Subscribe as a Contractor’ you must first register as a User (See ‘Registering as a User’), once registered you must then access your ‘Dashboard’


2.      To access your ‘Dashboard’ from the homepage you must be logged in to your user account (How to Log In to ‘MyAccount’)


3.      Once you are logged in, click on ‘My Account’ which is located at the top right-hand corner of the page, next to ‘Shortlists’. Then click on ‘My Dashboard’


4.      From ‘My Dashboard’ click on the box ‘Subscribe as contractor’


5.      If you have a discount code, enter it in the designated section first and click the Apply Discount button. This will apply your discount to the listed subscription options.


6.      Select an appropriate subscription period from the list provided. Unless a free option is purchased, subscriptions must be paid for online using our secure payment system (SagePay) before they are activated.


7.      Click on the ‘Select Subscription’ Button, you will be redirected to form where you should fill in at least the mandatory fields (indicated with a red asterisk). Some of the fields will have been auto-filled from your user registration


8.      Click the ‘Continue’ button


9.      You will be shown an automated message, read this and click the ‘Close’ button


10.  You will have been redirected to a Summary of your order. Check that the summary is correct


11.  To read the Terms and Conditions click on the words ‘Terms and Conditions’ which is found at the bottom of the summary. You will be shown the Terms and Conditions in a pop-up window. Once you have finished, click in the box ‘Close’


12.  To put a tick in the box before ‘I have read the Terms and Conditions before you complete your order’ simply click in the box. 


13.  Click on the button ‘Pay Now’


14.  You will be redirected to Sage Pay, please follow their instruction to provide the appropriate payment


15.  Once completed, or if you have selected a free subscription option, you will be redirected to a ‘Receipt’ page, this will give you a summary of your payment and subscription.


16.  You can either print this or return to your dashboard by clicking in the appropriate box at the bottom of your Receipt


17.  A copy of your order and receipt will have been forwarded to your email address


18.  You can now create a public available Company Profile (See ‘Creating a Company Profile’) add details of Project that your company has been involved with which highlight your company’s capabilities. (See ‘Creating Projects’)



If you need to access details of your subscriptions on Constructor Hub at any time you can do so, through your use dashboard.


If you experience any problems or need clarification in this process please Contact Us



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