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Managing Shortlists

Managing Shortlists


Shortlists allow you to create lists of company profiles for whatever groupings you want e.g. specific projects. You can continuously manage your lists and export or print these from the system 


1.      To create a shortlists, you must first register as a user, which is free to do…Click here to Register (See ‘Registering as a User’


2.      Shortlists can be created and edited from your dashboard


3.      To access your ‘Dashboard’ from the homepage you must be logged in to your user account (See: ‘How to Log In to ‘My Account’


4.      Once you are logged in, click on ‘Shortlists’ from the homepage, which is located in the top left hand corner next to ‘My Dashboard'.


Alternatively, from ‘My Dashboard’ click on ‘My Shortlists’


5.      Click ‘Add New Shortlist’ once redirected you will need to name your shortlist in the box provided and then click ‘Save’ you will be shown an automated message confirming the creation of your shortlist, click ‘Close’ to return to your shortlists


You can create multiple shortlists and they will appear as a list in the ‘Shortlist’ section of the site. Next to each list there is an action button allowing you to the following; 


A)     Edit Shortlist – Allowing you to add/delete new contractors from the shortlist

B)     De-Activate Shortlist

C)     Export Shortlist

D)     Print Full Report

E)     Print Summary Report

F)     Delete Shortlist


6.      To add contractors to a list, click ‘Action’ next to the relevant list and click ‘Edit Shortlist’ you will be redirected to the relevant shortlist page, then click in the box ‘Add Contractors’ 


7.      You will then be redirected to a list of contractors, from the list you can scroll through and view the profile of each contractor by clicking ‘view’ once you’ve identified the contractor you want to add to the list click ‘Add to Shortlist’. This will open a separate window where you will need to either create a new list or select one of you pre-existing shortlists by clicking in the empty box next to your relevant selection and then ‘Add to Shortlist’ at the bottom of the window. Once added you can close the window by clicking ‘Cancel’ at the bottom of the window. You will be returned to the list of contractors. 


Note: To limit the number of contractors you have to search through, you can use the search engine which appears at the top of every page within the site


8.      Now you can view your shortlist by clicking ‘Shortlists’ in the top menu bar on the far right-hand side of the site, a drop down menu will appear and then you can select the relevant shortlist by name. You will be redirected to the named shortlist. 


The buttons below the shortlist name allow you to;


A)     Export a summary of your shortlists to a CSV (comma separated values) file

B)     View summary in a printable page view 

C)     View full details in a printable page view

D)     Add more contractors


Below the buttons will be a summary list of the selected contractors, at the end of the row for each entry is an action button, which when clicked gives you the following options;


A)     View the Contractors Profile

B)     Edit notes – Any notes added here will appear in your summary list

C)     Remove the Contractor from the list


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