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Managing Your User Account

Managing Your User Account

To access your ‘Dashboard’ from the homepage you must be logged in to your user account (How to Log In to ‘My Account’). (See ‘Registering as a User’)


1.      Once you are logged in, click on ‘My Account’ which is located at the top right-hand corner of the page, next to ‘Shortlists’. Then click on ‘My Dashboard’

2.      From here you can;


a)      View and amend your ‘User Account’ details 


(Please remember that if you change your email address, you must use the new one to log in and future system-generated emails will be sent to this email address). 


You must also make sure to save changes before clicking ‘return to the dashboard’


b)     Change your password


You need provide a new password for your user account, there are 2 boxes to complete with the same password. Please ensure that your passwords match (passwords are case sensitive) and then click the ‘Save’


You must also make sure to save changes before clicking ‘return to the dashboard’


c)      View your Shortlists 


See ‘Managing Shortlists’ for help and support with ‘Shortlists’


Shortlists allow you to create lists of company profiles for whatever groupings you want e.g. specific projects. You can continuously manage your lists and export or print these from the system.


d)     Subscribe as a Contractor


See ‘How to Subscribe as a Contractor’ for help and support with subscribing as a contractor

‘Subscribing as a Contractor’ on Constructor-Hub allows subscribers to create a publicly available company profile


3.        If you have Subscribed as a Contractor you will also be able to do the following from you Dashboard;


e)      View and amend your Subscriptions 


F)      Create and amend you Company Profile


See 'Creating a Company Profile' for help and support with this


G)      Create, add and amend you Projects


See 'Creating / Editing Projects' for help and support with this


Projects are an important way for your company to demonstrate its ability to deliver. Projects can act as both case studies and testimonials in order to highlight the type of work your company has undertaken


If your query is not covered here or you need further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us


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