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Firms registering on Constructor Hub can showcase their talents to thousands of buyers, including developers, architects, project managers, surveyors, property managers and main contractors.  It is a great opportunity to connect with buyers, develop relationships and grow.

The search results are based on the geographical areas not only where the Member is based, but also the areas they cover, thereby increasing the number of search results for members with regional and national coverage.  

In addition to the business development opportunities, Members can take advantage of the exclusive offers provided by our commercial partners.

Contractors and suppliers throughout the UK construction industry are joining the Constructor Hub community daily, can you afford to miss out?

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Companies joining Constructor Hub community will benefit from a free six-month subscription, with no payment details taken or further commitment required.  Once the free period is over Members can opt to subscribe for an annual subscription costing from just £10 + VAT per month. 

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Constructor Hub will be continuously evolving based on the feedback and demands of our Users. If you do not see any options on the drop-down lists which describes your business please contact us with any suggested updates to be incorporated into the site. Contact us here 

Constructor Hub notifies Members when the profile templates are updated so Members can access their accounts and update their profiles accordingly.

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